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10 good reasons to choose Sorrento for your holiday

1. Sun, beach, sea and landscape
Sorrento has 275 sunny days at year. Enjoy the sunshine in one of the many Sorrento’s beach in front on the blu and clear Sorrento Sea and one of most beautiful landascape of the world.

2. Good food, good wine
Oil, mozzarella, pasta, pizza, lemon and orange. Sorrento peninsula is famous for the taste of its typical products. Taste the local dishes of Sorrento in one of the several restaurant in the centre of Sorrento.

3. Strategic Location
Sorrento is in a stategic position. You can reach in less than one hour Pompeii, Herculanum, Vesuvius. Naples. Amalfi Coast, Capri and Ischia.

4. Art e culture
Sorrento has a old history: discover it in churchs, museums and all around the way.

5. Tradition and folkore
Sorrento is very proud of its old  tradition.  the art of wood inaly, the dance of tarantella, the music of napolitan song.  And if you are in Sorrento in Holy Friday dont’t miss  the Hooded-Men Procession.

6. Dolce vita
Enjoy the italian dolce vita in Sorrento, have a fun and relax in the Sorrento night life. In Sorrento nothing miss for your fun!

7. Relaxing Holiday
Sorrento is the ideal place to  relax yourself . On the beach or just sit outside a bar to enjoy a drink.  Go around for your shopping time, stop to talk with the Sorrento People.  In Sorrento the time is slow…

8. Actives holidays
In Sorrento you can have a trekking on the natural path around Sorrento, climb on Vesusvio, diving in the natural marine riserve, hire a boat…There is no time to get bored.

9. Several choices
A trip low cost or a luxury travel? Whatever is your travel style in Sorrento you can find the ideal solution with a good value for money.

10. An amazing honeymoon or fabolous getaway
Sorrento, with it idylliac landscape,  is the best location for you escare of love.  In Sorrento is easy to fall in love: the smell air, the red moon, the terracces on the sea, the mild climate is a perfect set for a your love film.

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